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   Ingleton Community Association - Ingleton Village Hall Talks    7 November, 2013

Shafts of Light - The Phenomenon of Mining Art by Dr Robert McManners

Ingleton Village Hall 7.30pm on Friday 22nd November 2013

Admission £3 payable at the door - tea and biscuits included

SHAFTS of LIGHT – The Phenomenon of Mining Art

Why did coalminers paint the mines? Why, when having spent eight hours in a dark stinking, cacophonous, claustrophobic hole in the ground come home and paint that very same dark, stinking, cacophonous claustrophobic hole?

Mining artists and professional artists alike have been mesmerised by the visual impact of coalmining and have produced a corpus of work the like of which is found in no other industry.

With his co-author, Gillian Wales, Robert McManners has spent 15 years researching this hitherto unrecorded legacy and have written six books on the subject. This talk, Shafts of Light, explores the potential reasons for this phenomenon which is discussed from an historical, sociological, psychological and creative stand-point and draws on the work of many coalfield artists. The presentation demonstrates art from those of all abilities, some of the very highest quality which is executed with the intense passion of powerful experience. The talk is a distillate of their 2004 Arts Council Award winning book of the same title.

Many of the artists were self-taught and there paintings are of an expressive nature, never meaning to exhibited or sold These creative individuals are to be taken very seriously as amongst their number are some of the most important artists to emerge from Britain in the latter half of the twentieth century. Artists of the stature of Tom McGuinness, Ted Holloway and Norman Cornish will stand the test of time and be confirmed as the great industrial and sociological artists of their era.


Robert McManners




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