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Council DocumentsSat, 27th May 2017

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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.

Click here to access the Parish Council's Statutory Documents.

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Name  Size  Type
Powers and Duties of the Parish Council (41.1KB) Powers and Duties of the Parish Council 41.1KB Folder
Register of Interests (1.2MB) Register of Interests 1.2MB Folder
Amended_Financial_Regulations_2014 (1).doc (44.5KB) Amended_Financial_Regulations_2014 (1).doc 44.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Asset_Register.xls (35.5KB) Asset_Register.xls 35.5KB Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Child Protection Policy.doc (34KB) Child Protection Policy.doc 34KB Microsoft Word Document
Clerk job description.doc (32.5KB) Clerk job description.doc 32.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Code of Conduct Sept12.doc (78.5KB) Code of Conduct Sept12.doc 78.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Community engagement strategy.doc (30.5KB) Community engagement strategy.doc 30.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Complaints procedure.doc (28.5KB) Complaints procedure.doc 28.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Donations policy.doc (26KB) Donations policy.doc 26KB Microsoft Word Document
Financial Controls Risk Assessment.doc (33KB) Financial Controls Risk Assessment.doc 33KB Microsoft Word Document
Grant application form.doc (27KB) Grant application form.doc 27KB Microsoft Word Document
Grant Awarding policy.doc (31.5KB) Grant Awarding policy.doc 31.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Grievance_procedure.doc (33KB) Grievance_procedure.doc 33KB Microsoft Word Document
Ingleton Donations policy.doc (26KB) Ingleton Donations policy.doc 26KB Microsoft Word Document
Ingleton_Parish_Council_Media_Policy.docx (20.3KB) Ingleton_Parish_Council_Media_Policy.docx 20.3KB Microsoft Word Document
Model Publication.doc (62.5KB) Model Publication.doc 62.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Risk Management doc.doc (29KB) Risk Management doc.doc 29KB Microsoft Word Document
Standing orders Amended Jan15.doc (54.5KB) Standing orders Amended Jan15.doc 54.5KB Microsoft Word Document
Training Policy.doc (24.5KB) Training Policy.doc 24.5KB Microsoft Word Document